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The rumor is that Rocky axles are the same as AE85/86 Toyota Corollas.


I've posted this online a few places to see what's what, but a bit ago, I got into a discussion with a chap about the rear axles of a Feroza/Rocky/F300. His claim was that his mechanic said something like "well, you know that the axle is the same as a Corolla, right?

Pics I have stolen from online indeed show that they are very similar. They look the same, in fact, though I am working on measurements and all that.

Both have rear drums, and the drain plug and all that appear the same. The Corolla was available in different widths, and some years ('86 I believe) did allow a disc brake option. Of course, since these are the AE85/86, there is a huge online presence with LSDs available, and even a couple places with lockers.

This being real life, even if they are a direct swap, they came with 3.73 gears (that I can find) and nothing like a 5.29. There will certainly be other differences.

Anyway, this is my current personal research question. if in fact it's the same, I wouldn't need to swap for a Toyota rear end and could stay "stock" without fabbing stuff.

I hope. I'll post what I find here.

doubtful, the bearing and retainer are same though

never had a rwd corolla axle but did compare daihatsu CV axles to toyota, the diameters were the same but spline counts were different

The next dusty rumor I am going to try is that RAV axles of an unknown year can be used in a Rocky and are more substantial. I LOVE RESEARCH


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