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Gittin' back at it
« on: August 27, 2018, 06:52:10 PM »
So my micro machine's been down for about ...4 years now. And now I'm looking at starting this back up. There've been some things that needed addressing in life and I think I've got them licked... including but not limited to replacing the backup truck with something new and far more reliable. So I'm starting a budget book so I can start working on the Micro Machine. When I put the wrenches down there were quite a number of things that I believe need to be address. And where cooling is concerned, I think I'm going to rip it all out, flush the beast, and the put it all in.

But I'm missing some key information and could really use some help. I'm convinced there's something in the radiator that a simple flush will not handle. So I'm going to get it cored. Unless anyone knows of a radiator that is an exact fitment. I really hate the idea of zip-tying things together.

So things I need from the community:
  • Nearest fitment for thermostat, as well as the gasket. NOT the housing.
  • Which radiator cap matches the rocky? Was it from a Toyota?
[li] Radiator: what oem or aftermarket radiator can I install.

Other things I need to do are things like a new bat/alt/starter... and possibly a new clutch vector as mine just isn't holding on anymore.

Any input would be appreciated.