Author Topic: OUTER LIMITS 4X4 (AU) ARCHIVE: Solid Front Axle Feroza (US Rocky)  (Read 386 times)

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Please note that this post is information cobbled together from multiple posts in this thread:

Solid front axled Feroza's
Well, there are 2 of them in the in the USA and one here in Australia (mine)

I can't tell you about Kent's but mine............

I blew my front diff and thought......well I can spend $2K on a OE front diff or I can spend a bit more and make the Feroza a real 4WD !!
I wanted coil front and rear end and was contemplating using Toyota Bundera Diffs.......but some Hilux diffs (and entire running gear) became available for the right price (cheap) in they went !!
I wanted to go for something that airlockers were available for which is why I didn't consider dropping a Rocky diff into the front, also the availability of spares if anything broke was an issue........Rockies aren't that plentiful, but Hiluxes are !!!

Springover too extreme...........I think just allows you to fit bigger tyres easier !!

It all depends on how far you want to take can do anything WITH just takes money !!!!

It's great to see another Feroza online.
Good luck with whatever youo chose to do to yours, but I can highly recommend the conversion I've done to mine.