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ARCHIVE: Shock absorbers
« on: February 05, 2011, 04:13:04 AM »
I just replaced all four shocks on my `90 Rocky.

The original shocks (I assume they were original) were black with a fancy \"Daihatsu\" script on them in English along with the letters KYB stamped in them.  

I am really enjoying the new Gas A Just shocks... here are the P/Ns.
Front - 2x KYB KG5476 Gas-a- Just Monotube Shock
Rear - 2x KYB KG5517 Gas-a- Just Monotube Shock

Found all four on Amazon for $144 - about the same as when I checked.

The KYBs have a nice feel - not too much of a \"jolt\" on bumps and driveways.

The Gas A Just shocks casing is identical to the Rocky\'s original black front shocks.  The new KYB rear shocks have a slightly larger upper cover but darn near the same diameter body section.