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starting line up at sierra madre adventure camp:

enroute convoy:

start of obstacle... sorry hindi feroza, ito kc sumusunod sakin, LC ni maui, this rig broke his tranny halfway.

ruts and thick bushes we put all our trust to the trail master and the spotter, hidden ravines are everywhere:

not a good shot by toto, but this was one of the steepest descent with f...\'n ruts and big rocks:

I took the camera from toto to have a shot at this one after i descended the same hill:

the 1st river crossing. shallow stream, but huge rocks:

that LC may have took the initial damage of his tranny here. he made a mistake and took the toll. used his pto winch to get out of here.

one of the dreaded portion, just one mistake and loss of concentration; (this one has more pictures and videos than any of those who completed the 3-day event)

recovering the fallen comrade!

feroza says.., this is how to cross that ravine, watch! (this was the same obstacle, ravine is on the passenger side)

temporarily relieved. all who made through the 1st major obstacle:

but wait..! there\'s more, this one also losses his concentration or lost his spotter.. haha..! sorry clutch you made me go through that rut 1st..:

misc pics: this is one of the coolest driver i\'ved ever saw.., he is rhoel of suzuki club. he manuevers all the obstacles very smoothly

early evening enroute to the last major obstacle... \"the rut\" (bka magkamali maging bu... ha).. :D

one of the casualties at \"the rut\":

very memorable experience for me. i learned a lot from this trail and i\'m sure all of you will appreciate and enjoy this if we go as one. so come and join \"forces\", after all we are \"FORCE-- kaya ng feroza stock sabayan ang mga fully modified rigs. from what we saw kmi lng ni clutch ang sumama na wlang lockers but survived everything w/o major damage... oh ha..?


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this post is copied from ferozaph [from clutch]
i started my saturday at 5am (june 1) picked up my truck in my mother\'s garage.
gas up time at shell along c5 after bagong-ilog

did some final checks at toto\'s place checking the diff oil, we left his place around 6:30am enroute to sierra madre hotel, arrived there at 7:55am.

the 1st part of the Unified Trail - Day 3 was in Dayapa, describing it is like rolling hills with medium-to-thick vegetation, here you will pass 3 intimidating part all are going down 2 are with grass/cogon and the other is going down the river with rocks along the way. it was a challenge for me because my tranny is having some issues on 2nd gear when going down so i have to use either 1st or 3rd gear. i think it maybe on the synchronizer. the second issue was my carb is having trouble, engine shuts-off all of a sudden so i\'m loosing traction and breaks.

hot day, waiting for our convoy assignment...

here are the views in Dayapa

this is the area we staye for lunch, from the background you\'ll see the 2nd portion where you need to go down 30-35 degrees inclined, here i almost lost my balanced due to my engine suddenly shuts off and loosing breaks.

preparing our lunch, RME sisig and jollibee chicken joy :)


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we reached pavement around 2pm, we continued to the next trail which is traverse entering sitio maysawa exiting sto. nino.

sitio maysawa - sto. nino, describing this was an ups and downs going the mountains there are some part that has tight turns and lots of off camber. we had a chat with the organizer, according to him, this was the most difficult part of the unified trail as there was some part where a deep ravine are un-noticeable due to cogon grass covering them. we entered the trail at 3pm. from 26 rigs down to 10 (iirc). go home due to other commitment and rig repairs.

waiting for our turn

the official sticker

toto, no more smile on his face :)

picture mode, waiting for our turn...

almost half way going down sto. nino (lots of recoveries after this...

the infamous v-rut. hmmm... somethings wrong on the angle??? the picture was taken on the right angle, abet of suzuki fell off from the v-rut. no more for me had enough earlier :) hahaha

the rig was winch out to be able to back on its feet

sorry not so much photo on this part. exhausted already... also my breaks are already having trouble during this period

reached home at 5am... wow from dawn to dust to dawn... so to summarized, the unified trail came out to be 4 days from May 31st - June 2 dawn... i had a lot of fun... let\'s join again next year!!!


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You guys are crazy! Another great post!


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Very nice guys, I\'ll definitely check the facebook page and like some of them B)  Got some ideas for my feroza too.


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Hi Dennisdko, I unfortunately don\'t have access to the link...


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awesome trails, beautiful scenery and sweet rides, its official im jealous


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Congrats to my friends who made it and was able to go home the next day.hehe. CHEERS!


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Thats a AWESOME adventure:) :)