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Alloy radiator and thermo fan

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Over the past week I have replaced the cylinder head gasket, ground the valves, replaced the valve stem and camshaft seals, shaved the head, polished the intake, fitted new dizzy cap and rotorbutton, spark plugs, Twin Thermo fans from a BA Ford Falcon. and this radiator

These pictures show the head removed and radiator test fitted, engine reassembled and running with test fitting of BA thermo fan from wreckers. completed rebuild with grill fitted. A lot of cutting of the fan had to be made to fit the fan properly with fabricated brackets for the radiator and the factory fan shroud. Radiator only just fitted requiring slight cutting to fit on one side. The system now nearly holds 10L of coolant  I had the head professionally rebuilt and fitted Victor Reinz gasket and seals. Replaced the starter motor and wired the thermo fans to switches in the cab. Most importantly i placed a new DeTomaso sticker on the grill.

Were did you mount the thermo fans? Looks the goods mate.

the thermo fans are mounted in behind the grill.. I had to move the grill forward about an inch at the top and cut away a fair bit of the grill from the back
i will ad more photos soon

thats a fat radiator and a shitload cheaper than a re-core. i wish i thought of this. is it worth putting in a thermo fan in your opinion???

also check ur pm 14wp. cheeeerz


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