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ferozaph member -blueroth brake in
« on: April 21, 2013, 03:08:36 AM »
copied from  feroza ph forum
here are some of the pictures when we had our break-in of Bluerot, some minor issues to address:
1) Coil spring, need to install rubber pad to stop the klanking sound when flexing
2) stronger pan hard and level it a little higher from the carrier
3) replace the drag link with a bigger diameter solid rod
4) eliminate the backlash between the shaft and transfer case, maybe install shims
5) maybe i\'ll install steering dampener to make it stable at high speed

so far i was impressed on the power combination of the transfer case and dana axles :)
once the issues above are addressed we will do the debut shakedown of Bluerot...

atop of the mt. maarat before the actual trail

entering the bypass road

testing the approach and depart angle

some more action shots..
Toto smiling at his creation :)

broken draglink

poser mode before going to a welding shop

Toto installing the repaired drag link

back on its feet, night trail

jomar spotting

on flat ground at last :)

thanks for viewing