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How to repair your alternator
« on: February 04, 2013, 08:29:47 AM »
if you own any car for a significant amount of time you will likely have troubles with you alternator. Whilst building a new one out of two dead ones i took some photos. hopefully these photos might help some of you save a few bucks on alternator repairs.

These alternators are common the the charade and more than likely the applause and other daihatsus. possibly many toyota ones could be applied too. i have personally used a charade one and that was fine, it was slightly bigger and had different mounting hardware but was a straight swap

Please note that the screws on the back may slip and then you might find them impossible to undo. use good quality screwdrivers and lots of down pressure

There is two plugs you might encounter on the back of an alternator. these plugs attach to the voltage regulator and if you get a second hand one with the other plug type just swap the regulator and rear plate. .

The other type of plug

These are your brushes. It will be these that fail in 90% of cases. Take them to your auto elec and they will get you some new ones and swap them in.These make contact with your armature and will always eventually wear out.

This is your armature. this one is worn so i discarded this alternator on the rebuild. you can probably replace this if need be. i dont know how its done though

This photo shows your diodes. these will blow if you short circuit your alternator (like what i did to the good one in the final photograph). The other alternator had a way better armature so i swapped the diode plate from the other one. That little grey cover over the wires is there for a reason folks.

This shows the diodes removed

There is probably a bearing in there someplace which is about the only other thing that could fail.

Thats about it. I was surprised by how easy an alternator rebuild is. dont pay an auto elec over $100 to do this, its not rocket science.

hope this helps someone


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Re: How to repair your alternator
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2016, 04:14:50 AM »
Thank you Rokbebop!  :035:
I learned a LOT! Great run-down and photos.
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