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Sorry, but we can can longer accept
checks or money orders for payment.

All Payments must now be made though PayPal.

To contact the current Caretaker/Administrator of Warfs:

Email: Al Cummins, "brushhippie" at

Snail Mail:
6295 Rt K
Pineville, Mo. 64856

Volunteers are always welcome!

Warfs is in need of people to help with:

Parts Page
Parts Sources
Detailed Write-ups & Videos of repair procedures

We have a new batch of stickers available.

You can become a Supporting Member of by making a small donation of $10.00 U.S.

This includes the 4.5" decal (shown below) to display their support for!

Additional decals are available at the following rates which include shipping costs:

Single Decal $10.00
2 Decals $15.00
Over 2 Decals $5.00 each

Additional Donations to is always greatly appreciated!

All proceeds will be used to extend the Web Hosting and Domain Registrations
to keep alive and well for many years to come.

Warfs Member Decal